Predator Hunting grounds PS4


  • Camouflage : Nearly undetectable, bending light around its body to mask it within the environment and allowing the Predator to remain hidden until ready to strike.
  • Plasma Caster : Firing armour-penetrating plasma bolts across long distances, this powerful shoulder-mounted cannon is one of the Predator’s deadliest weapons.
  • Wrist blades : When ready for the kill, use this pair of reinforced blades for a visceral melee attack.
  • Combi-stick : Compact and easy to hide when not in use, the Combi-stick extends to become a lethal spear useful both in close combat or from a distance.
  • Smart Disc* : Small and among the most lethal items in the Predator’s arsenal. When thrown, it uses a guidance system to seek multiple targets before returning to the Predator
  • Yautja Bow* : A classic hunter’s weapon, the bow is light and compact until extended for power and distance as a tactical compound bow.
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